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. to the extent we could impose energy sanctions on russia, understandable and effect because they rely so much but i would go one more step and say by 2020 we are expected to be the world's leading producer of energy and there's talk about exporting natural gas, we need to make it clear we need to start planning for the long game and we will have natural gas with allies that reliance on russian gas to be accountable. stuart: it is all about energy, isn't it? a lot of europe is supplied with natural gas, a lot of that comes through ukraine and from russia. therefore, there is a limit to a and forbid its natural gas to get into europe. the europeans will never look at that. stuart: we have to take into account the effect this will have on their economy, doing things that will affect their allies may not be beneficial but if the president came out today, he won't but if he came out today and said we are an energy powerhouse we are committing that in ten years we have great contract with our allies that would scare the russians. vladimir putin does things with long hall and he knows is only play i
to be placed on russia economically. they are an energy export dependent economy. once that we can do is to open up our export of liquefied natural gas. it will have a huge impact on the price and that russia enjoys in their monopoly dominated europe. i have a bill that would have expanded the gas exports to nato. dropping a bill today that will expanded even further. entering this in the national market and economically impact russia. neil: at the very least we should re-examine our opposition to drafting and some states. that is just more energy for us and the one thing that i'm curious about is it's precisely that energy independence. we need a lot of energy coming via russia and the ukraine. so don't think that. >> it certainly is an issue. they are, as you describe, being economically impacted by some very old things. this president needs to step it up and in that weakness, russia will be adventurous spirit even if they are and they start feeling the pain of their own stupidity or bullying, maybe that is what gives them cause in the future and tyrants who might think about doing
energy, and education. outside, more than a dozen protesters and a few israeli supporters gathered along shoreline boulevard. >> the countries long ago stopped all of their business with apartheid south africa so now governor brown thinks it's okay to form this relationship is just beyond disgusting. >> israel is a tiny desert country, they've been dealing with, for example, water use issues all of their existence and after three years of drought, we have the same issues here. we could learn so much from israeli technology. >> reporter: security was tight around the event. we saw secret service around the building and also used dogs to patrol the area. after this, netanyahu is scheduled to visit other leaders. david louis is inside the event right now. you can follow him on twitter and catch his reports on later editions of abc 7. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> bart service has finally resumed several hours after a man was hit and killed by a train. abc 7 news reporter joins us live with this very sad story. amy? >> reporter: i just got briefe
and the moist flow will be here for the better part of the week but we can not have energy in the atmosphere and this will translate into rain so you can see the rain to the north with light-to-moderate rain developing headed into the heart of the bay by 1:00 o'clock, and the light-to-moderate rain stays to the north and the lighter more steady rain moving into the south bay. by noon, we it is transferring over and then there will be scattered showers and temperatures warmer than today. 1" to 2" of rain in the north bay and three-quarters around the bay and .1" in 9 south bay a storm where you will get rain. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures at two to four degrees warmer today and wednesday we are dry and pushing near 70 inland and everyone else in the 60's and showers likely on thursday and on friday, saturday, and sunday near 70 away from the coast where we will be in the low-to-mid 60's. it is dry now. watch out in the north bay. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a decent commute on major freeways, with something happening on the surface streets. we have an irrigation pipe br
to grow the swedish energy giant was to double the size of this open cast mine. if all these morally right for its powerplant with the dirtiest in europe. local children call it the cloud making factory. it's one of the most polluting fossil fuels. it's supposed to be a thing of the past. germany gets nearly twenty five percent of that elektra city from solar and two brilliant goals eighty percent renewable spiked twenty fifty. the country burns more brown coal last year than in any time since the nineteen nineties the dirty downside if chancellor angela merkel's new clear phase out. more thahahan nine hundred villagers are at risk of being displaced. for some it's a feeling of history repeating itself. in this region thousands have been recycled after the second world war when the communist government's depended on brown coal to power its cities and factories. it makes me furious. just curious. but the government comes in and starts developing alternative sources of energy. now we come back to brown coal. i feel very disillusioned and we simply cannot go back until the practices of the pl
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. the republicans are planning to roll out their own budget and offered general goals on taxes, trade, energy, and regulatory curves. democrats will keep pointing out the upbeat economic outlook. >> let me jump in. we know congressional hearings on the budget again next week, including one wednesday with the finance committee chairman ron wyden. >> talking about breathing room for more -- he is new to the tax-writing panel. he has his own ideas about tax policy. again, it is a forum for airing ideas about the broader economy. you want be seeing the summit -- senate democrats be doing their own budget plan. the field the december agreement put the spending caps in place. the republicans will do their own plan, which will contrast with the administration's blueprint. >> house republicans met and talked about alternatives to the health care law. next week, there is a bill scheduled. what about the bill and what is the current republican strategy? >> they obviously still object to obamacare. i think they have moved away from trying to repeal it. now they are going after individual pieces. the mea
and atmospheric administration, the department of energy, the environmental protection agency, the nuclear regulatory commission and the national institute of standards and technology. all said the same thing -- it's not their responsibility. >> one of our frustrations is our government hasn't taken this on as something we should sponsor in terms of our national interests. there is often a lot of finishing pointing going on and we hope in the long run we can make progress to find a home, as we call it. >> reporter: in the mean time, he is relying on foundation support and doing some crowd sourcing. >> all it takes is filling up one of these containers. >> reporter: he launched a web site and created these kits to make it easy for anyone to do some fieldwork. interested individuals and communities pay $550 for the fox, gather samples and ship them to woods hall for analysis. the data is shared online. so far donors have funded 33 sample sites. but how is the radiation affecting the creatures that live in the sea and ultimately the human beings who enjoy eating seafood? >> this one. at's ces
level talks with russia on expanding trade and energy exports. president obama discussed all of these moves today with german chancellor angela merkel and british prime minister david cameron. top officials says there is a way out if russia backs off militarily but if it does not the west is prepared to tighten the economics noose. as one top official said, "vladimir putin, the russian president, may believe he has acted like 19th century power broker, but he will soon discover to his dismay that his country lives in a globalized 21st century economy." jeff. >> glor: major garret, thank you. we move now to the weather. once again a sizable storm is moving across the country. take a look at this nasa photo shows the storm system stretching from texas to the mid-atlantic states. it's a combination of ice and snow and you what get depends on where you live. jeff pegues is in washington d.c.w3 jeff, rain now but that's changing very soon. >> reporter: yes, jeff, they're expecting this rain to turn to snow. the mid-atlantic region planning for up to a foot of snow. this is the sam
for collaboration on water, energy, and cyber technology security. >> solar, bio fuels alternative energies and others we're doing that. cyber we'll need to protect the privacy of individuals and not only public systems you don't want your user account to be pilfered. >> there is a lot we can do, learn, and share. israel is dynamic. >> invited guests were promoting international collaboration. >> transferring those to here, having partners to develop products here is very important. i think that this, this effort you saw in terms is just going to cement the relationship. >> this valley. >> it is to grow and create technology in a time line that would be possible without putting these things together. >> the goal to foster more sharing of knowledge. in mountain view, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 4:00 another frustrating warning for bart riders the trouble that delayed them for hours today. >> plus, he's back. and coming to the bay area. >> new at 4:30 sat exam getting a major overhaul. what that is going to mean for students. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook
in washington this week, gives the members of the caucus renewed energy and purpose. events held during rare disease week highlight what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done and there is a lot to do but we will do it together. i am working on important legislation in this area, the bipartisan modernizing our drug and diagnostic evaluation and regulatory network, or modern cures act, that will update the nation's drug evaluation process to encourage the discovery and development of new treatments for chronic and rare diseases. the measure will also create a system that rewards efficiency and defectiveness to the benefit of all persons with rare diseases. the modern cures act will encourage the development of drugs abandoned in the development process. it will create a new category of drugs known as dormant therapies for compounds with insufficient patent protections, drugs that offer the promise to treat conditions with unmet medical needs. updating regulatory networks, such as patent reform, will help open the pipeline for new innovations and therapies. patients with degener
on californians to reduce their water energy by 20 percent. the sf puc is asking can ustomers to voluntary reduce their water usage by 10 percent. the department is outlining actions to reduce the water and develop alternative sources of water. today i would like to ask puc and department of environment to address the topic. no. 1, the current water supply and projection for 2014 and 2015. and the plans how we will meet the puc's goal of a 10 percent usage reduction. no. 3, and overview of city water unl by the department. what are the departments doing in terms of consumption and conservation and who is doing well and not. no. 4, how are we protecting the water system, maintaining and updating and improving the water structure and guarding for fire and funding for immediate projects. no. 5, long-term planning. how are we planning for population growth. what are we doing to find sources water whether it be desaulization and i know puc grant was putting a proposal on hold and i would like to hear more about that. what are the departments doing to educate water customers, no. 6, to educate customer
climate so they need to learn how to handle droughts. other topics, alternative energy, agriculture and cyber- security. but the tech partnership is definitely the focus and here's what brown had to say about that. >> what a wonderful furthering of the deep connections that israel has not just with america but with california in particular and silicon valley as a very important example of all that. >> reporter: now, this is the first time we have a sitting israeli prime minister visiting california since 2006. before netanyahu made it here to silicon valley yesterday, he was in l.a. for the premiere of a new documentary that will air on cbs, highlighting and promoting israeli tourism. but the focus here in silicon valley is on the tech world. we'll have to see what they have to say. the talks continue inside the computer history museum. live in silicon valley, mark kelly, kpix 5. >>> it took half the morning commute to get bart trains running again through hayward. investigators have the tracks shut down after a train struck and killed a person near the south hayward station last ni
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, arguing the gop tax plan will, quote, put the brakes on america's drive to energy independence. joining me now, former republican congressman, jc watts, who serves as a consultant for the domestic energy producers alliance. and with a welcome to you. >> thank you, alex. >> i'm going to call you jc during this interview. >> it works. >> okay, good. before we get to the impact on the energy sector, what is your take on this broader tax plan? >> well, it makes a lost assumptions. and first of all, i think chairman camp needs to be commended for, you know, putting something out there. but it's a discussion draft. and there's much discussion that needs to be had had, and especially when it it comes to i think the energy sector and those people who are creating jobs when you look at percentage depletion, that area that i would be very concerned about. and you've got about 18,000 small business owners that use percentage depletion as a form of capital formation. that's the biggest barrier to small business entering the segment, is capital formation, and that would be a real blow to it. and then y
is in the area and this will be with us for most of the week, just the energy when it comes through it will tap into the area and create rain. in the north by, by 1:00 o'clock, you can see it is moving through the heart of the bay and by 5:00, it is down in the south bay but we will have light-to-moderate rain in the north bay so that could be where the commute is the hardest. this is one of those longer duringation rains and why expect any flooding from this like last week. midnight is quiet when the rain is steady. at 7:00 in the morning you can see we are seeing a quick tapering and in the afternoon the sun will break out and it will be warmer than today. >> rainfall amounts are most impressive up north with an inch or two and then .1" to quarter inch in the south bay and the valleys in the north bay you will get half an inch to 1". it is a night rain. it is not a drought buster but it will bring the drought level down. the seven-day forecast...i don't know why it says that is spender's forecast -- mostly cloudy, 62. spencer is sloping. thursday we have mid-60's and theness chan of showers a
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with regulation of energy usage, right? as opposed to emission of lead or -- >> well, the main thing now is significant energy fishs. -- efficiency. for example, different kinds of turbirnes and processes -- >> the same as for domestic, energy efficient light bulbs. >> i really don't think this is about light bulbs. mr. chief justice. >> no, but my point is that at the moment that is largely true. >> of course the e.p.a. is considering and scientists are trying to develop other technologies like carbon capture technology that. -- and that's the whole point of best available control technology, that as best -- better options come on line, it allows for that. that's how the statute is supposed to work. >> if you regulate -- i'm trying to understand the arguments in your brief. if you prevail on the first, in other words, greenhouse gases may be regulated with respect to sourced already subject to permitting, my understanding is it gets you to 80% of the greenhouse gases. >> that's correct. >> prevailing on the second gets you to 86%. >> that's correct. >> so this is a fight about an additi
it point-blank. decarbonizing our energy supplies is a must. >> if we don't have sustainable energy we're screwed. >> reporter: just yesterday, stock in tesla motors hit an all-time high when the company announced plans to build a so- called gigafactory to make its own lithium ion batteries. tesla wants to be making those batteries by the year 2020 when it could be producing half a million cars. a far cry from 2008, when the car company almost went bankrupt. >> at tesla we had multiple near death experiences. again, what are the odds of a car company succeeding? pretty darn low. >> and launch of the spacex -- >> reporter: even riskier, a rocket ship company. >> beginning of spacex i really just reserved money for three failures. so we haven't had three failures. then we just barely had enough to scrape together to do a fourth flight and that succeeded. it was a real close call. >> reporter: it did work. now, if tesla motors does come through with its giga factory, the company says it will produce more lithium ion batteries in 2020 than were made in the world all last year. >> wow. >> y
their leverage on gas and energy. don't believe that's exactly true. they still have that. so, yes, that would be something that would be a little bit embarrassing to putin along the way. they ought to start that process now. they ought to be very aggressive about it. you have russian troops in the crimea. that's a serious problem. it's a serious problem for the stability of the ukraine and i argue other parts of europe. so we have to be aggressive now. and those are the kind after gresive things that can you do to doesn't vaf the u.s. navy. >> if the president fails to move aggressively as you would have him do, should congress move on its own to start to impose these sanctions? >> i think we should. i think we're obligated to do that and we ought to -- we should put packages together that ramp it up. if you recall, all of the sanctions that happened on iran happened in congress. the president acquiesced. i think congress is going to have to play a very important role in this if we believe it's important to tone down the military options of civil war in the ukraine. >> finally, looking at pre
witches. these are people who use "divining rods" like these. to look for what they call "natural energy". to locate underground water. this is marc mondavi. of the mondavi winemaking family. using divining rods. scientists don't believe these methods actually work. but many homeowners, small farm owners, and at least one large-scale winemaker do. >> in martinez 18 is struck and killed by a freight train. will tran is now live with the latest. maligned here is video of the accident that took place yesterday at 5:00 p.m.. according to investigators two teenagers were walking along the tracks and both of them got off but someone lost a sale fall and came back and that is why she was hit. i had a chance to talk to a witness in this is what they had to say. lif >> i rode up on my bicycle when i was confused because i saw these police cars. i thought it was related to its stolen car with that i found out that a child was his fifth five think that was really tragic. >> he statedinvestigators are still try to find out what happened and they will have grief counselors at the school. they are hea
where you sha decided to cancel the energy subsidies it sends there. unidentified troops remain and minor clashes between russian and ukrainian troops continue today. it is estimated that there may be as many as 16,000 russian troops in the region and russian president, vladimir putin, says his intention is not to fight the ukrainian people, but he's not ruling that out if force is necessary. president obama disagrees. >> together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine. we condemned their intervention in krimea. >> john kerry spent the day in ukraine visiting a memorial to people killed during the violent protests there and met with the country's active leadership. the united states and 14 other nations formed a military observer mission to monitor the tense region. california lawmaker weighed in saying that the u.s. needs to avoid conflict. >> russia is critical to other conflicts that we're trying to resolve, including syria and iran. so we have to be very careful in how we approach this. >> stocks
. the governor's office says the deal will have an emphasis on water conservation, all niv energy, cyber security health and buyo technology and education. he will meet with cupertino co-founder jan koum, just sold his company to facebook for billions last month. nip equipment that goes inside will have to go through a security sweep. there's also several areas of the front parking lot that are taped off right now. the meeting starts at 10:30 this morning. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> 6:35. back to the top story of the morning. the b.a.r.t. shutdown near the south hayward station. that's where a person was hit and killed by a b.a.r.t. train at 11:30 last night, but the tracks are still shut down at the south hayward station, and that also mean as shutdown at union city and fremont. here we see crews looking for more evidence on the tracks following that fatal incident, and we are told that once they complete this search, then the trains may start running again. "may." at first we heard they would at sunrise which was officially about 1:30 ago. now he
on the table including water conservation, alternative energy, agriculture and cyber security. this is california's first visit from a sitting israeli prime minister since 2006. and from some in l.a., netanyahu received a warm welcome. >> american jews want a spokesman who speaks proudly for israel who is not apologetic who goes on the offensive when necessary. beebe is our man. >> reporter: the prime minister will meet with apple leaders, linkedin and the cofounder of the app called "whatsapp." it's intended to bring israel and california together. >> he met with president obama earlier in the week? >> reporter: that was on monday. a slightly different experience there where president obama challenged the israeli leader on monday to make tough decisions to salvage a middle east peace plan with the palestinians. netanyahu had a critique for the president as well reinforcing israel's position that western nations should increase pressure on iran and its nuclear program but michelle, some lighter topics expected here this morning in silicon valley. >> all right. mark kelly live
and drugs and things. i survived and was lucky enough to find a situation where i could butt my energy. i didn't think i was going to be successful in this degree, of course not. >> when you look back what do you think were the things that made you success h. luck? >> a lot of luck. no question luck was a big one. finding one success really matters. for some people that success is an ongoing practice. i learned me my first success resilience and hard work and dedication and not quitting adds up to success, right? so all of my businesses, people think, global grind was not successful for four years, five years, fhat farm took six years for make a penny. my financial service took six years to start becoming profitable. everything takes a long time. and i think resilience and dedication, i learned that from not quiting in music. you need to know that you can't fail until you quick. >> what mistakes have you made? >> i make mistakes every day. >> really? >> i don't try to counts them. if i counted my mistakes -- >> what have been some of the big ones? >> big mistakes. >> very rarely do you fi
to southern california and the center of that storm is where we get all of that energy and that's why the severe weather is expected there. we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm rolling through. we had one off half moon bay earlier this morning. but the most severe weather with the storm is expected over southern california. let's take a lack at the totals. with storm number two in the last 24 hours. fairfield an inch, .94 in concord, .610 for napa. down in. there's a winter weather advisory. let's take a look at what we can expect for the rest of today. 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, notice it's the same thing. hit or miss hours. shouldn't be too bad for the evening drive home. here we are into 9:00 at night. it kents and tomorrow morning -- continues and tomorrow moernling it will be -- morning it will be winding down. for the afternoon today, temperatures in the 60s. it will be a little breezy and it will be plenty cloudy out there in the afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds. that will be about it. morning showers for tomorrow, then bebreak away to dry conditions -- we break away
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are built nowadays. to save energy, they're insulated. windows are airtight. >> at the same time, what's staying in the house is staying in the house. the problem is that a lot of air pollution is actually in the carpet or on the soft furnitures. >> that means kids like jack are trapped inside with things like dust and mold. these can trigger a dangerous asthma attack. >> sometimes i get dizzy and feel lightheaded, so then i feel like, in a way, i'm gonna pass out. >> so jack's mother is taking action to clear the air at home. she's using special filters on the vacuum and checking for dust -- even where it can not be seen. >> you never know what's underneath the carpet that you have, you know, from pets or from water damage. >> the solution is not only dusting and vacuuming. the experts also have a very high-tech idea. to freshen up the air, try opening up a window. >> ironically, one of the most commonly misspelled words in english is "misspelled." that might sound redundant, but it's not. the word "misspelled" is often misspelled. so that you don't make the same mistake, remember the
.s. with the department of energy contract three times in the 1960's. well i could not get any information declassified what otto ambros was doing and his program but neither could president ronald reagan. i thought otto ambros had to come to the united states as a convicted nazi war criminal so i freedom of information act request about his travel who he came here and who he was sponsored by and that was lost or classified. it probably is not. but i bet some curious journalists in the future will. [applause] [inaudible conversations] . . both programs re-air on booktv this sunday starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern and are available to watch any time on line it >> what we are told both the students and as a nation in terms of popular imagination is that there's all kinds of sit-ins and marches and demonstrations that occurred but they are really done by these famous iconic people. basically as rosa parks who just was so tired as she refused to get up from the bus in montgomery alabama and sparked the bus boycott and basically a young preacher who the president referred to during the election as
. >> it is clear to us to move to sustainable energy. and the sooner we do that, the better the world is. >> reporter: he also found time to talk about movies. >> you know what's great is the lego movie. i really liked the lago moyin l. >> i know what the headline tomorrow's going to be. >> reporter: movies aside, he will have to work with regulators not only to build and sell more tesla cars but to put a proposed $5 billion battery factory online as well. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> revolutionizing a lot of what we do. >>> still to come, has the recent rain and snow made a difference? what a recent survey reveals about our water supply. >>> the governor speaks out about gun control in a bay area city be the fourth most dangerous city in america. we look at whether a local gun tracing program would reduce the violence. >>> wow, we're just hours away from more wind, more rain. this is what the radar looks like now. the send storm is making its way into the bay area. you'll see that coming up. >>> despite the rain, we're still in a serious drought. jeff ranieri has the results of t
the state into friday evening and snow out out over the sierra. dive south ward and the energy goes into the los angeles area and weaken and that means rainfall here in the bay area will taper off and meanwhile along with the rain we have wind advisory in effect from 10:00 o'clock tonight 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning north bay coast and peninsula coast. diablo range santa cruz mountains. 45 to 55 miles per hour. pretty good chance of down tremendous and power line. he we also have storm watch for flash flood watch beginning midnight from southern monteray bay south all the way down beyond national forest. 8 inches of rain up to 8 inches in the higher elevation of this renal and moving northward just a bit back up to the coast lean of san francisco bay area and down to monterey bay high surf advisory in effect from 8:00 o'clock friday evening. tomorrow evening to 3:00 o'clock saturday afternoon breakers up to 20 feet. rip current sneak away possibility turbulent weather. saturday morning at 10:00 o'clock probably see rain fall total 1 to 2 inches in the north by mountains. 2
is that a courageous thing for him to do? the reason is that so much of the energy from the right in recent years has been fueled by the sort of anger and resentment and, look. people have appealed to that and kind of, you know, whipped that up. and so i think his message now is right, but it's going to, you know, it's going to take more than one speech to kind of take all of that back. >> john heilemann, has he been a part of that message and should the calf i don't think in his speech been we have all been guilty of making remarks that are perhaps over the line and you got to on turn it around? >> he is talking about -- i'm talking about bill and hillary. >> yeah, and monica lewinsky and all of that. i thought it was very sexist if we are talking about abortion barbie and an empty dress. >> but he didn't say that. he didn't use those quotes. i don't think rand paul has been over the top with most of his language. i don't think it makes sense to relitigate. >> he didn't use those quotes. >> to relitigate the clinton wars from '98 and '99 but rand has been set apart, whether you agree with him or don
win. but this guy has an apund ans of energy and in that respect he's a lesson for us all. >> thank you very much, larry. we'll be right back. >>> good morning to you. we are waking up to some mostly cloudy skies, drizzle and some light rain at times. we've been seeing that around san jose, reporting 55 degrees. san francisco 54 and some low 50s in the north bay. all locations waking up to mostly cloudy if not completely cloudy skies. it won't be until later on this afternoon we'll see a few breaks in these clouds as the light rain continues off and on. here's a view up at kirkwood this morning, live pictures there. pretty healthy-looking snowpack thanks to 40 inches of fresh powder that's come down courtesy of the storm system from friday, yesterday and into this morning. we're seeing the snow totals there about 171 inches of snow since february 1st. you still really need about six and a half more feet of snow to get closer to average. we'll add a little bit to those totals today but there's more opportunities for snow coming up in the forecast as we go through the next few days, e
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of the nuclear reactors that were shut down after the fukushima disaster, almost three years ago. a draft energy policy, presented to the cabinet, made that recommendation today. the reactors would have to meet new standards set after a tsunami severely damaged the fukushima plant in march of 2011. all of japan's 48 commercial reactors have been off-line since then. one of the world's top exchanges for the digital currency bitcoin has gone off-line amid reports of catastrophic losses. the website for m.t. gox was blank today, and leaked documents showed losses roughly equal to $350 million. bitcoin trader kolin burgess, of britain, protested outside the exchange's headquarters in tokyo. >> i am both annoyed and worried. it seems that i have lost all of my money and i'm annoyed that the company has been stringing people along for so long, claiming everything has been okay. luckily, most people didn't believe them. >> woodruff: leading proponents of bitcoin argued the collapse of m.t. gox is an isolated case of mismanagement. combat jobs will soon open to women in the u.s. army, but only a few say
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brown different topics on the table including water conservation, alternative energy, agriculture and cyber security. this is california's first visit from a sitting israeli prime minister since 2006. and from some in l.a., netanyahu received a warm welcome. >> for the '80s and '90s, he was the media darling for israel articulating the case for israel. now he has been in power for many years, and there's sort of ambivalence in terms of whether he can be the prime minister that can bring it home, that can bring peace. >> reporter: but the focus here in silicon valley this morning more on the tech world. he is expected to meet with leaders from apple, linkedin and the "whatsapp." >> he has been busy. he met with president obama not too long ago as well, right? >> that's right. he was there on monday at the white house. a slightly different experience there where president obama challenged the israeli leader on monday to make tough decisions to salvage a middle east peace plan with the palestinians. netanyahu had a critique for the president as well reinforcing israel's position that
on water conservation, agriculture technology, alternative energy, cyber security, health and bio technology and education. the israeli prime minister was in los angeles yesterday for the premiere of a television documentary featuring netanyahu giving a tour of his nation. >> it shows you sides of israel that need to be shown to the people of the world, and as such, it's not only a vehicle o to, to make tourism, increase tourism, it's also to dispel the various thoughts about the state of israel and to show the real face of the jewish state. >> reporter: before netanyahu arrived in california yesterday, he was at the white house on monday, where president obama challenged the israeli leader to salvage a middle east peace plan with palestinians. today the prime minister is planning on stopping at apple in cupertino and meeting with whatsapp co-founder. he is a jewish ukranian immigrant who sold his company to facebook for $19 billion last month. here at the computer history museum, security is expected to be tight. a protest is planned for outside of the convenient, and the event
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